Start Up Solutions

It’s all about execution

C-Level Clone (CLC) is built around a new business concept bringing together a small group of experienced entrepreneurs, business professionals, technology gurus and financial experts that are prepared to build businesses through the expansion of knowledge and business experience. While similar companies are simply about strategizing, CLC both strategizes and executes.

Expert solutions at every strategic move
Some of our accomplishments include:

Reduced inventory investment by $1,000,000, shipping labor by 25%;
Eliminated $1 million bank loan;
Doubled marketing ROI;
Dramatically improved retail chain liquidity;
Increased sales of existing product line in one year by 18%.

A Collaborative Approach Focused on Your Business
The CLC team applies big business knowledge and experience to your business’ unique needs. Our focus is on small to medium-sized businesses. Providing practical, proven advice we become your business partner as a member of your executive management team, for a term of service defined by an agreement between the parties.

Our assembled team of executives shares knowledge in a collaborative manner. We will provide you with the option to work one-on-one with a proven CEO, CFO, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Sales Officer, Chief Business Development Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Advertising Director or Promotions Director.

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