Social Networking and Your Business

Today marketing is more about building a 2-way relationship with your clients or customers.  Its main thrust should be to get your customers involved in all aspects of marketing while listening to them and asking them to join the online conversation about your products and services.

Social networking is one way to achieve this by linking together individuals or organizations tied together by values, visions, ideas, financial exchanges, friendship, dislike, conflict or trade. Each day companies are learning new ways to use social networking to collaborate with customers on product development, service enhancement and promotion.

By promoting customer interaction, companies are able to get a better understanding of price points and insight for future products. Other benefits include: the ability to glean customer testimonials and other feedback, as well as expand visibility and obtain free publicity.

When implementing new processes in any business, there are questions you need to answer:
• Where does it fit within the goals and objectives contained in your marketing and business plan?
• How does it support and reinforce these efforts?
• How and when will you achieve these objectives?
• How will you recognize success?

Remember to focus on the “big picture” and don’t feel you need to reinvent the wheel. Above all, be patient and if at first you don’t succeed, don’t be afraid to change your strategy. There are many success stories out there that you can emulate to help you create a success story of your own.

posted by Angela Rutzick, Co-founder & Director of C-Level Clone

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